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MapAlerter is a free service that issues targeted alerts from Irish local authorities:
Alerts are delivered by SMS Text Message, Email, Smartphone App, Social Media and RSS. It is free to receive alerts from

Delivering focused alerts for local areas

MapAlerter is a free service that gives Irish Councils the ability to issue alerts for specific topics. Rather than informing an entire town about a water outage, all alerts are mapped so only the affected residents are notified. This ensures a high level of satisfaction amongst MapAlerter subscribers because everything they receive is local in nature. You can register for a free account to receive alerts by SMS text message, email or smartphone app notification.

NEW COUNCIL ALERT! Kilkenny County Council has recently joined as a new Council on MapAlerter. The "Kilkenny Alerts" service allows you to receive alerts from the Council for important topics such as Water, Roads, Planning, Community, Floods and Severe Weather. You can register to receive their Kilkenny alerts on the MapAlerter website or by downloading the MapAlerter App for iPhone and Android. Register Now! Alerts will be geographically focused and you can submit two "alert locations". So if you live in Thomastown and work in Kilkenny City then you can get alerts for both places as well as the commute route in between.

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